What is LittleUSA Solar Campus?

Family Run 501(c)(3) Nonprofit: Using land passed down from generation to generation, our family is a part of every aspect of this business and the community it is going to help foster. Our little Union Springs family sees a bright future for our community.

The Power of the Earth

Set on 25 acres, the solar farm will be utilizing solar capacity of no fewer than 5 GWh per year of clean, renewable electricity, the equivalent needed to power 400 homes.

Why Solar

The solar farm will generate approximately 5,000-megawatt hours of electrical power, or the equivalent electricity to power 400 homes every day of the year.

Community Impact

Little USA Solar will build locally controlled wealth, and directly improve the job skills of people, especially local citizens facing barriers to entry in the workplace as well as valuable training opportunities in the renewable energy field.

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